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Frequently asked questions

  1. Q

    What should I do after I get into an accident?


    1. Call 911. 2. Contact your insurance agent and advise them as to the situation and possibly make a claim. Advise your agent that you would like your vehicle to be repaired at our facility. 3. Call our office (808) 652-6844 to schedule a FREE consultation.
  2. Q

    What do I need to do BEFORE dropping my vehicle off for repair?


    1. Contact your insurance adjuster to arrange your rental vehicle if it is covered under your insurance policy. 2. Removal ALL personal items in the vehicle including the trunk. (i.e. sunglasses, garage door opener, child seat, parking passes, etc
  3. Q

    How will I know the status of my repairs?


    We can contact you either by e-mail, phone, or text messages. You can also access it 24/7 at your own convenience by the way of our website NextLevelCustomsKauai.com and under the check vehicle tab click on the web address provided and enter your phone number. You will get daily updated pictures as well as updates.
  4. Q

    Do I have to pay a deductible?


    The insurance company will determine and advise our facility if there is a deductible and if so the amount that will need to be paid to Central Collision Center 808, LLC at the time of drop off.
  5. Q

    Do I need to repair my vehicle at the shop that my insurance company refers me to?


    No, you have the RIGHT to repair your vehicle at any repair facility of your choice. Insurance companies will refer shops that are only on their repair program, but you are not OBLIGATED to use that shop. REMEMBER ....... It is your car, it is your choice!"
  6. Q

    Do I need to get 3 estimates?


    No, you ONLY need to get 1 estimate from the shop of your choice. "It is your car, it is your choice!"
  7. Q

    Why repair your vehicle with Central Collision Center 808, LLC


    We offer Lifetime Limited Warranty Free consultation Blueprint Repair Processing ICAR Certified Technicians Laser Measuring System ASE Certified Print out of Structure Measurements Envirobase Waterborne Paint
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